Residential buildings

Lausanne, 2014

Immeubles habitation, Lausanne, 2014, Dragan Architecture, Paris
  • Immeubles habitation, Lausanne, 2014, Dragan Architecture, Paris

Date 2014
Location Lausanne

The urban concept is a neighborhood square that serves as an anchor and departure point for the whole housing complex. The dwelling unit located south side has the same cornice height as the existing buildings, and the one located north side "fractures" the whole, forming an angle that close the place, allowing the distant landscape to penetrate the main pedestrian axis north-south. The common parking of the two buildings is under the square, paved with stone slabs with open joints that let the grass grow. In the middle is the playground and the rest area, with stone benches and trees. The guideline that shapes the square is done by the floor slabs on which are placed the rectangular glazed blocks of the apartments, whose typology changes from one floor to another, which will not only offer a wide choice of apartments, but also contributes to the individualization of the whole. The exterior walls are composed of a reinforced concrete inner wall of 20 cm, an external thermal insulation of 20 cm polystyrene and a protective facing of opaque white glass panels on anodized aluminum frame.