The Towers of Cluj

Cluj-Napoca, 2009

Date 2009
Location Cluj-Napoca

In the city center of Cluj, city of 300 000 inhabitants in the northwest of Romania, which knew a strong economic boom last years, we build a complex of 45 000 square meters composed of offices, a five stars hotel, an apart-hotel and luxury housing. The height of buildings varies from 16 levels for the offices to 21 levels for the hotel. This complex, built on a difficult L-shape ground, opens towards a canal which the municipality wants to transform into a place of walk and leisure. Between the two groups of high-rise buildings, a public square boarded by trading is lined in the South by the canal and prolonged through a bridge by a large pedestrian way which leads towards the 21 December Boulevard, which links it to central place of the city. Along this pedestrian way now boarded by city-owned lands, we proposed a future development of the district into the new business center of the city (one of the main banks of the country, the BRD, the subsidiary of the Société Générale, is already implanted there). The future complex will be the point of outcome of this urban entity.